Saturday, September 26, 2009

One Thing; Luke 10:38-42

As a North American who is full of myself and trained to multitask in a frenzy-paced world, this story is frustrating. Yet as a human who longs for rest and simplicity, this story is compelling.

I don't like that we give Martha such a bad rap at times. According to the story, it was her home, she took the initiative to open her home to Jesus and his fellow travelers and she was taking care of a pretty important person in significant ways. All of these are qualities to be respected.

Yet it was not her initiative or even her work that was critiqued by Jesus. Rather it was her worry that he critiqued. Being upset about "getting it done" is what he noted as negative.

So today, as I think about the next thing on my "to do" list, I will not change what I am doing but I pledge to do it without worry and being upset. I will try to work with my hands while my heart lingers in the presence of Jesus.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Joy; Luke 10:20

It must have been an incredible feeling. The disciples went out and everything we better than planned. They conquered, healed and preached with amazing success. How exciting to go back to Jesus and report that you did your best and everything went better than you expected. It must have been a great feeling.

Then Jesus turned everything upside down -- as usual. "Don't rejoice in your success but rejoice in that your name is written in heaven." Joy should come not from winning, having a good day or a great experience. Joy should come from a place much deeper than that. Joy should come from that which is unshakable, unchangeable. And so Jesus told them to make sure their joy was based upon God knowing their names. Nothing more, nothing less. Joy stems from knowing that God knows me.