Sunday, June 9, 2013

What does it mean to be broken?

So what does it meant to a “fallen” or “broken” person? Does it simply mean that I sometimes drive too fast on the highway, let my temper get the better of me (no one hits a 4 iron perfectly!) or respond too strongly to a comment? Is that what it means to sin?

Recent study has caused me to think that it goes much deeper. Adam’s sin was to rely on self rather than God, thinking that he knew better than divinity. His motivation and focus ceased to be his relationship with his Creator and became self. So how deep does that run?

Is it possible that even in my good moments of advice giving, sharing, caring, etc., I still am broken? Is it possible that my good efforts are driven neither by the Spirit of God nor a concern that wells up from a redeemed image of God in me but rather from a desire to be seen as good? Are good actions that come from the wrong motivation still considered good? Can they ever reach their potential in the life of another? Do they honor a good Creator if they originate from a self-centered heart? Do they bless others or simply propagate another level of brokenness?