Sunday, February 7, 2010

Luke 22:27-40; The Next Age

Jesus sounds very out of sync with today's religious norm . . . of course, he was out of sync with theirs also. It is so against the norm today to believe that someone might not make it to heaven and live in the next age. We have a belief that if God is good then he gives everyone a free pass through the pearly gates. That impression did not come from listening to Jesus.

"But those who are considered worthy of taking part in that age . . ." Jesus makes no qualms about the fact that there will be some form of judgment. Some will be considered worthy while others will not. We will all be held accountable to some form of evaluation at the end of this age.

Being out of sync with the religious beliefs around him did not seem to bother Jesus. He was not changed by popularity or a need to conform. It makes me question how many of my beliefs come from conformity to popular thought and how many come from listening directly to him?

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